Halo. Maaf maaf sekali postingan Singapore kepotong terus. I’ve been busy with mid terms lately. Thank you for your considerations. Btw, I’ve been changing my blog twice in the past five years. This is my second blog that I made when I was in US. Pretty sappy huh? Hahaha yes, I was young and I said things that were normal for people my age. Well if you see the posts I made in this blog, most of them were posted in 2008 or 2009 which was my year in US. And the rest of them were posted in my freshman year in college. So yeah, some of the posts are lame because they are. Hahaha

So, what I’m trying to say..

I love writing. I’m 20. I’ve experienced the pinch in the last two years of hard times. And so I do think that my blog is not only supposed to be “an online diary” of my self. I want it to do a power of good to others. So, it should be more than a “blog”. I’m thinking of upgrading my blog into (dot) com but I’m still thinking about it. But I really want to create a “grown up” blog, not a “remaja labil” blog. I want my blog to give benefits to others, inspiring others.

I know it is kind of late to start a good “grown up” blog, but what do I say? Late is better than never.
I also know it is kind of late to figure out what I want to do in life after two years I’ve spent in this law school.
But God knows best! There have to be some good reasons why I was put in law school. God knows best!

I never ask anything these last 2 years. I always say in my prayers “You know the best, God! Just give me the best! Amen.” And I’ve experienced failure for 2 years straight. Sad, eh? But I’m not the exact same girl who made this blog 3 years ago. I’m much more grown up. When I read my old posts, it was tickling me. The girl who wrote this blog 3 years ago was a cheerful but had no idea how cruel the real world out there.

Probably these failures are the God’s answers to my prayers! What’s written is written. God is preparing something even better for me. I failed because it wasn’t the best for me. It wasn’t meant to be for me. And God knows that! He knew it before I did. What I have to do is trusting him that all the ups and downs are for the best reasons.

So, anyway..
It may be my last post in this blog..
I will filter some stories that still fit and relevant to my goal and put them in my new blog (coming soon).

Well, you may please give me some unique ideas for my blog names.
I promise, when the blog is released, I will make time to write in it as many as I can.

Love y’all dear readers :”)
This blog is my documentation for my year-long-escapades in USA.
Probably one of my best friends that I visited the most when I was there and just had the need to share.

See you in my new blog!
Let’s do power of good to others!

Karena manusia yang paling baik adalah manusia yang bermanfaat bagi orang lain


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