I am back!

Setelah lebih dari dua tahun vakum karena satu dan lain hal, termasuk insiden lupa password, finally I got you back my cheesy kind of lame blog (well in my defense, I made it when I was 17 years old). I thought of making a new blog but nahhh I got my readers here (PEDE!).

Please expect a new post from me within few days. Reading assignments are crazyyyyy here! Oh wait, I haven’t delivered the news! When I said “I am back”, it literally means I am back into blogging and I am back to the U.S.! Wait what?

Setelah proses panjang selama satu tahun, akhirnya saya resmi berangkat ke Amerika Serikat dengan beasiswa Fulbright untuk program Master. Semoga nanti ada kesempatan untuk berbagi masing-masing tahapannya. I know that it will be super useful for those Fulbright candidates who are waiting in limbo like I was.

So, talk to you guys soon!


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